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Mission & Vision

At OctoML, we believe in the power of AI to improve lives. But to get there, AI must become more sustainable and accessible. Our goal is to empower more creators to harness the transformative power of ML to build intelligent applications.

OctoML makes AI more sustainable through efficient model execution and automation to scale services and reduce engineering burden. We make AI more accessible by enabling models to run on a broad set of devices and easier to deploy without specialized skills.

Our Story

OctoML was spun out of the University of Washington by the creators of Apache TVM, an open source stack for ML portability and performance. TVM enables ML models to run efficiently on any hardware backend, and has quickly become a key part of the architecture of popular consumer devices like Amazon Alexa.

Recognizing the potential for TVM and technologies like it to transform the full scope of the ML lifecycle, OctoML was born.

What's in a Name?

Thinking about the type of company we wanted to build, we took inspiration from the playful, clever, curious octopus. These unconventional thinkers have a unique, distributed intelligence that spans their entire body.

They are adaptive enough to camouflage at a moment’s notice, and creative enough to complete puzzles, build gardens, and use tools. Plus, like any good engineer, they love to take things apart.

Security & Privacy

Your data and intellectual property (IP) are paramount

The OctoML Compute Service is designed to address enterprise-grade data privacy and security needs. We continually invest in security capabilities and practices in our platform and processes. We recently received SOC2 Type 1 certification with Type 2 underway. Learn more about our measures to keep your information safe.

We’re also working towards a version of the service that can meet advanced residency and compliance requirements. If you have questions about using OctoML and meeting your specific compliance needs, let’s set up a time to talk.

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We are searching for bright, talented, curious Octonauts to join us!

Luis Ceze Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Luis Ceze

CEO, Co-founder

Jason Knight Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder

Jason Knight

Chief Strategy Officer, Co-founder

Jared Roesch Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Jared Roesch

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Tianqi Chen, Chief Technologist, Co-Founder

Tianqi Chen

Chief Technologist, Co-founder

Theirry Moreau, VP Technology Partnerships, Co-founder

Thierry Moreau

VP Technology Partnerships, Co-founder

Amanda Robles, VP of People & Operations

Amanda Robles

VP of People & Operations

Itay Neeman, VP of Engineering & Product

Itay Neeman

VP of Engineering & Product

Anna Connolly VP of Customer Success & Experience

Anna Connolly

VP of Customer Success & Experience

David Messina, Chief Marketing Officer

David Messina

Chief Marketing Officer

Our Investors

Amplify Partners
Tiger Global

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