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Automate Model Deployment at Peak Performance Anywhere

Optimize and package your trained model in minutes so you can deploy it to any hardware target for faster, more cost-efficient inference. To realize these benefits OctoML will optimize your first model for free.

First Model Free

Empowering teams building intelligent applications

To evaluate OctoML’s value to our content moderation work at WatchFor, we optimized our key vision model and realized 1.2x - 3x higher throughput and substantial inference speedups. We deemed the results worth moving to production.

Matthai Philipose

Senior Principal Researcher, Microsoft

Deploy faster models to any hardware with OctoML


1. Upload your pre-trained model and define your hardware

You can upload any model or choose one from our accelerated model hub. Next, select your current hardware – we support over 80 cloud targets from all three providers.

OctoML stylized UI showing a selection of cloud hardware targets to select as a baseline for cost exploration

2. Set your goals and evaluate prospective hardware

We work with you to define your hardware parameters to find the ideal balance of latency, throughput and cost. See real, actionable before/after performance data and select your ideal instance type.

OctoML stylized UI showing users can select different cloud hardware to see cost and latency for their model

3. Deploy your model optimized for chosen hardware

The OctoML platform automatically produces a downloadable container with your model that is accelerated, configured, and ready to deploy on the hardware target of your choice.

See the savings
OctoML illustrated UI showing accelerated model hardware options and original model costs

OctoML Customers & Partners

Case Study: Microsoft

OctoML drives down costs at Microsoft through new integration with ONNX Runtime ecosystem

See How
Diagram of OctoML automated acceleration sweeps across different hardware

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Empower your team with OctoML

Easily get started by requesting your first model to be optimized and packaged for free by OctoML’s team of machine learning specialists and model optimization industry leaders.  We’ll show you the possible performance gains and time savings you could realize with your optimized model, either on your existing or alternative hardware targets.

First Model Free