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Image Gen Solution

Production grade image generation for applications

Quickly build customizable image generation capabilities into your app. Scale predictable breathtaking AI imagery at a speed and price that delivers for your business.

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Powerful ImageGen tooling built for builders

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Superior speed & price

Delight your users and accounting team

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Highly customizable

Create high quality unique content, and experiences

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Reliable scalability

So your app's success isn't a worry

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Developer-first design

Building is intuitive and efficient

import os
from octoai.clients.image_gen import Engine, ImageGenerator

if __name__ == "__main__":
    image_gen = ImageGenerator(token=os.environ.get("OCTOAI_TOKEN"))
    image_gen_response = image_gen.generate(
        prompt="A pug dog romping in a meadow of flowers on a sunny day",
        negative_prompt="Blurry photo, distortion, low-res, poor quality",

Speed is key to the AI art experience we deliver. We’ve been able to increase our image generation speeds by 5x with OctoAI’s low latency inferences, and this has resulted in even more usage and growth for our platform!

Angus Russell

Founder NightCafe

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Deep customization to differentiate your product

OctoAI puts the entire creative ecosystem for Stable Diffusion in your hands through one integrated solution so you can deliver mind-blowing content to users and build unforgettable capabilities into your app.

Fine tune Stable Diffusion on OctoAI or bring your own assets

Leverage OctoAI’s fine-tuning capabilities to create customizations using your data or import model assets you’ve created or sourced from anywhere.

OctoAI Image Gen Solution product UI showing a fine tune on an orange tabby cat in an astronaut suit

Leverage our image manipulation tools

Truly differentiating your applications means doing more than just image generation. We support inpainting, outpainting, background removal, and image segmentation.

OctoAI Image Gen Solution product UI showing image manipulation upscaling an image of a young black woman wearing a product t-shirt

Store and orchestrate your model assets at scale

There are multiple ways of fine tuning and customizing and you need a way to organize these in production. OctoAI’s Asset Library allows you to easily store, load, and unload model assets performantly at scale.

OctoAI Image Gen Solution product UI showing a Pro user's Asset Library with OctoAI provided and custom LoRAs, Checkpoints, and Textual Inversion assets

Generate images faster with lower cost-per-image

OctoAI helps you deliver low-latency performance for superior end-user experience while keeping costs low through our expertise in machine learning compilation. See 2x faster performance than our competitors with high-quality SDXL images returned in under 3 seconds.

See how
A chart with light blue lines for OctoAI, and dark blue lines for Hugging Face showing OctoAI's less than 3 second SDXL image generation

Create end-to-end app experiences using multiple models

OctoAI allows you to chain multiple generative models into a singular performant pipeline. Create never-before-seen app experiences with multiple image, language, audio, or custom models working together.

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