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Text Generation

Llama 2 7B Chat

Llama 2-7B Chat is an instruction-tuned large language model for chatbots and chat completions.

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Advice from ML Experts

The way a language model communicates can be shaped by different settings in chat configurations. Let's consider 'temperature' as an example. When you decrease the temperature, you're essentially making the model's responses less random. This comes in handy for tasks like answering questions precisely. On the other hand, cranking up the temperature can prevent the responses from becoming too repetitive and can lead to more imaginative outputs. A temperature value around 0.7 is often a good starting point as it strikes a nice balance between controlled, focused responses and sparking creativity.



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Run Time & Costs

Benchmarking of Llama 2-7B Chat on OctoAI is in progress, and performance data will be updated here once available.

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