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Run AI models in the cloud your way

Your APIs with your choice of foundational models, as fast and cost-efficient as you need them. Begin using our best-in-class models or bring your own.

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Efficient compute for builders scaling AI applications

With a few lines of code, tap into low-latency, cost-scalable compute, previously achieved only by teams of specialized ML engineers.

We manage the infrastructure specific to AI in production while giving developers control of your stack.

Build with models optimized for speed and cost

Access our library of accelerated foundation models, designed to deliver cheaper and faster execution. Rapidly iterate toward production-ready applications or, in minutes, swap optimized models into your apps in production.

Sign up to try our accelerated foundation models free, including Dolly 2, Whisper, FILM, FLAN-UL2, and Stable Diffusion. More models are on the way.

Generative AI created digital art using Stable Diffusion in the OctoML compute service

Build with any model code using flexible endpoints

Quickly begin running your containerized model code on fast, affordable compute. Your endpoints scale up on demand and can be configured to scale all the way down to 0, so you only pay for what you use.

Add, replace, or update your models without reconfiguring your infrastructure.

An illustration of OctoML compute service showing a users flexible endpoints for 5 models including Stable Diffusion, Dolly 2, YOLO3, and their own model
Security & Privacy

Your data and intellectual property (IP) are paramount

The OctoML Compute Service is designed to address enterprise-grade data privacy and security needs. We continually invest in security capabilities and practices in our platform and processes. We recently received SOC2 Type 1 certification with Type 2 underway. Learn more about our measures to keep your information safe.

We’re also working towards a version of the service that can meet advanced residency and compliance requirements. If you have questions about using OctoML and meeting your specific compliance needs, let’s set up a time to talk.

AICPA SOC2 Type 1 certification badge

Try OctoML’s new compute service free

Once granted access, you’ll receive two free hours of GPU credits upon signup. Here's how you get started:

  1. Pick a model or bring your own

  2. Generate an API token

  3. Spin up a model serving API

  4. Begin running on an inference endpoint

Then, start building. Nothing can stop you.