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OctoML and AWS Better Together

OctoML is a SaaS solution that automates and optimizes trained ML models for seamless deployment on a myriad of AWS hardware targets including NVIDIA GPUs, Intel and AMD CPUs and AWS Graviton. OctoML’s model-as-function packaging enables ML models to be integrated into the same AWS workflows as the rest of a customer's application stack.

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Benefits of OctoML and AWS

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Accelerate Deployment

Machine Learning (ML) for ML that chooses the best production packaging from among thousands of combinations–shrinking model deployment times to hours.

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Increase Success

Automating away error-prone human tasks leads to predictable and stable production outcomes for deployment on AWS EKS, ECS, or SageMaker.

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Make Accessible

Creating models-as-functions empowers your developer and Ops teams to leverage DevOps best practices rather than learn a new discipline.

OctoML SaaS Platform

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OctoML and AWS Features

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OctoML and AWS Reference Architecture

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Accelerate Your AI Innovation

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