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Maximize model performance for your customers, on your platforms, automatically.

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Deliver better customer experiences, faster

Keeping up with your customers' need for new models, frameworks, operators, and hardware support is tough — but we're here to help!

Leveraging our industry-leading expertise in machine learning, we can help you support new use cases and hardware more quickly. Plus, we automate the process of machine learning model optimization so it's always improving.

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Reduce cost, increase agility

Using an industry-first machine learning powered compilation approach, OctoML decreases time to market and effort needed to support customers on your platform. We support the long tail of customer models and operators on our automated platform and unlock new capabilities by diving deep into specific use cases.

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Broad interoperability

Built for engineers, OctoML can optimize inference for specific hardware targets.

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Deployment ready

OctoML is pre-configured to run effectively out-of-the-box so you can deploy to production with a couple of lines of code.

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Built on open-source framework Apache TVM, OctoML offers immediate access to the most current and innovative optimization techniques.

OctoML enabled us to deliver a better and faster experience for our customers by delivering 2x performance improvement on our computer vision deep learning models.

Wilson Yu

Head of Advanced Technologies Group AMD


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