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Drive up productivity

While driving down inference cost.

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Charts showing a drive up in productivity

30x performance improvement, 30x cost reduction

Inference is costly and optimizing for one GPU or CPU instance can mean underutilizing other resources you're paying for. By using ML automation, OctoML can automatically maximize performance for each hardware target and reduce cloud costs.

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Improved user experience

Increase model speed for lower latency and a faster user experience be it image segmentation, voice recognition, or visual search. OctoML can maximize performance, allowing you to do more with the same hardware stack.

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Increased productivity

Forget the manual hand-tuning and benchmarking. OctoML automatically tunes and optimizes your model to give you a high-performing model without all the pain.

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Lower costs

Drastically reduce your cloud computing costs by dramatically increasing the amount of inference you can do in each of your cloud instances.

OctoML delivered a 5x performance improvement for the model behind our Green Screen product. That improvement is critical for a seamless user experience for our customers.

Anastasis Germanidis

Co-founder and CTO OctoML


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