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Request an OctoML Model Analysis

See the tangible business impact of OctoML’s model optimization and automated model deployment to any hardware target.

A portion of the OctoML model analysis report showing cost savings with a model optimized by OctoML

Improve performance & reduce costs

OctoML automates the manual tasks required to optimize and deploy a trained model into production—saving you valuable engineering time and enabling your team to be much more productive. We also make that model faster and more cost efficient to run, saving you even more. You can see this in action for yourself.

A modeI analysis with OctoML is a hands on consultation that uses your model, production environment, and business requirements to deliver real, not simulated, data on your performance gains and cost savings from using the OctoML Platform.

We’ll show you how much you’ll benefit from latency and throughput improvements, as well as cost reduction, on your existing hardware, and then show you that alternative hardware targets would deliver even greater benefits.

An example of the insights you’ll receive with your Model Analysis

Your model analysis will include this level of summary data, as well as deeper levels of analysis on the model optimizations and hardware portability options available to you by using the OctoML Platform and how this all aligns to your key business priorities. The more details you share with our engineering team through our secure, eyes and hands-off process, the more detailed savings and consultative insights can be shown. 

Request a model analysis above to learn more about our process.