OctoML will optimize your first model free

We'll prove the value of the OctoML Platform by making your trained model faster, cheaper, and deployable to any hardware.

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  • Lower Cloud Costs
    Optimize your model latency on any hardware target and lower the compute cost of your ML workloads in production.
  • Value Guaranteed
    Working hand-in-hand with our team, you’ll see real world data for your prospective model speedups and cost reductions.
  • No Commitment Required
    Receive your first optimized model in a production-ready deployable package for free. We’re confident you’ll want OctoML for all your models in production.

Tame AI-driven cloud spend and reduce engineering overhead

OctoML is designed to deliver faster, lower-cost inference to reduce the cost curve as you scale your use of AI in production. Our automated approach then eliminates hours of manual engineering work spent tuning models and packaging them for deployment.

The OctoML Team delivers you powerful outcomes

As part of your no-commitment engagement, you’ll have access to OctoML’s team of machine learning specialists ranging from industry leaders in model optimization and ML compilation to experts in frameworks, software, and hardware.

A trusted partner of AWS

AWS is thrilled to partner with OctoML to help customers optimize AI/ML workloads in the cloud. Find OctoML in the AWS marketplace to help fast track your "First Model Free" experience. Act now. Spots are limited.

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