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TVMCon registration is open and speakers announced

Blog Author - Chris  Hoge

Nov 2, 2021

2 minutes


RSVP for free to join the Apache TVM community December 15-17 for TVMCon! The 2021 Apache TVM and Open Source ML Acceleration Conference will be an all-virtual event, welcoming developers, researchers, and practitioners from across the ML acceleration community to share recent advances in frameworks, compilers, systems and architecture support, security, training and hardware acceleration.

We're going beyond a typical online event with three days of tutorials, featured presentations from industry leaders, community breakout sessions, and fast-paced lightning talks with plenty of opportunities to engage with speakers, community members, and partner companies, who are all leading the way in machine learning acceleration.

The first round of all-star speakers has been announced, and includes talks by:

  • Sarah Novotny: who is part of the Microsoft Azure Office of the CTO, sits on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors, and has long been an Open Source Champion.
  • Tianqi Chen: the inventor of XGBoost, one of the most popular and widely used gradient descent boost engines, co-founder of MXNet, a ground-breaking open source deep learning framework for flexible research prototyping and production, and co-founder of Apache TVM project.
  • Alessya Visnjic:CEO and Co-Founder of WhyLabs, the AI Observability company on a mission to build the interface between AI and human operators.
  • Clément Delangue:CEO and Co-Founder of Hugging Face, an NLP-focused startup that helps power the ML models of thousands of companies, backed by a large open-source and research community.
  • Oren Etzioni:CEO of the Allen Institute for AI, with the mission of conducting high-impact AI research and engineering in service of the common good.

Registration is free, and includes access to the entire conference. If you're just getting started with TVM, we have two tutorial tracks on day one to get you up to speed on how to use TVM to accelerate and deploy models, from high-powered GPUs all the way down to embedded Arduino devices. Days two and three will then bring the entire community together for keynotes revealing the roadmap for the TVM project, featured from talks from open source leaders, industry case studies, and community breakout sessions. Register now over at!

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